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Why Business Owners Need to Maintain Their Commercial Parking Lots

commercial parking lot

While there are around four parking spots for each vehicle in Canada, this doesn't mean you should avoid providing your employees a space. With the price of paving a parking lot, though, costs can add up, so you want to ensure your investment is worth it. So, what does commercial parking lot paving do that makes it so important, and why should you ensure it receives maintenance?

This article will offer you a list of reasons why parking lot care is so important to a company's bottom line. By the end, you should also know who to call to make sure your building's exterior remains both safe and attractive.

Improving First Impressions

Clean and sealed commercial paving, such as on a parking lot, can boost a client's opinion of your company by presenting a very professional image. Maintaining this means you need to repair any potholes or unsightly cracks as they appear and make sure any parking lines remain visible.

Better Parking Space Efficiency

You want to make sure there is no dirt, dust, or vegetation covering any of the signs and painted lines in your parking lot. With a clearer layout, people will not overrun the parking lines and you can fit more people into spaces. After this kind of commercial parking lot maintenance, you may even see more customers coming through the front door.

Ensuring Safety For All Employees

Areas of disrepair, such as potholes and cracks, can pose a danger to employees moving through the parking lot. These may result in slips, trips, and falls, which can then lead to a loss of income if your employees are unable to work for a period. It may even result in litigation if a customer is the one who ends up injured.

Try to perform business maintenance by working with a high-quality asphalt repair service. They can maintain the safety of both your workforce and the public by ensuring any asphalt is free from damage.

Lowering Maintenance Costs

Leaving your parking lot without regular maintenance can lead to small problems becoming worse much faster. This is especially true over the winter when ice can cause potholes and cracks to widen faster.

So, make sure you get problems fixed as fast as possible, to save you money in the long run.

Reducing Insurance Costs

If your insurance pays out often enough for issues, they will increase your premium. A safe and well-maintained parking lot, with fewer accidents, means your insurance will be much lower over time. 

Help With Commercial Parking Lot Paving

With an understanding of why the upkeep of commercial parking lot paving is so important, you might want to look into renovating your own space. Lucky for you, we can help with that.

We have years of experience in improving the paving outside both commercial and residential buildings. With this in mind, we can assure you that you will receive the best service possible.

So, talk to Curtis Paving today and request a quote to start the journey toward getting the parking lot you deserve today.


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