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Parking lot maintenance in Vancouver British Columbia

Parking Lot Paving Services in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby


Quality, professional asphalt parking lot paving in Vancouver, as well as parking lot maintenance and upkeep, should be a priority for any commercial or municipal property. Regular repairs such as crack sealing, patching worn sections, and correcting drainage issues can help increase the lifespan of your parking lot. When carried out by a trusted commercial paving service in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby such as Curtis Paving, repairs can also help maintain and even improve your property value.


Parking Lot Paving Services

Our team at Curtis Paving understands that all parking lot paving requirements are different. We offer a comprehensive range of parking lot paving services in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby to cover every need. Our paving solutions include:

  • Parking lot installation: You can turn to us if your commercial, industrial or municipal property requires parking lot installation.


  • Parking lot repairs: All parking lots are subjected to regular wear and tear with age, use and exposure to the weather's elements. This process can lead to the development of cracks and other kinds of damage to your parking lot. We provide quick and efficient parking lot repairs with long-lasting solutions.


  • Parking lot maintenance: Over the years, we have provided extensive repairs for parking lot damage that could've been prevented with regular upkeep and maintenance. Our parking lot maintenance can extend the life of your parking lot and help you maintain a smooth parking and driving surface all year long.


If you have any questions about our parking lot services in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby, please contact us.


Why You Should Repave Your Parking Lot

It is important to have a well-constructed parking lot for your commercial space as it is the first place any visitor sees. Here are some reasons to hire a parking lot paving professional in Vancouver:

This is because the state of your commercial or municipal parking lot can have a significant impact on your property's:


  • Curb Appeal
    The professionalism of any building is very much judged by its exterior, and parking lot maintenance plays a big role in the curb appeal of your property. A parking lot which is well-maintained and free of major potholes and obvious damage is going to draw in many more visitors such as customers, clients, and potential employees. Failure to properly maintain a parking lot can severely cut down on people who are willing to stop by and make purchases or park on a municipal lot.


  • Safety
    Parking lot paving in Vancouver is also important for maintaining the safety of a parking lot. If the asphalt surface is uneven and riddled with cracks and holes, then it may contribute to more accidents and injuries. Visitors will be more likely to damage their cars, get into car accidents, trip, or twist their ankles.


  • Liability Risk
    As the chance of injuries and accidents on your parking lot goes up, so does your liability risk. If it can be shown that poor maintenance on your part led to any injuries or accidents, then you could easily be held liable for the damages. It is far better and much more cost-effective to keep your parking lot safe and maintained than to be held responsible for damages that occur on your property because of a maintenance oversight.


  • Resale Value
    Finally, the curb appeal, safety, and perceived liability risk of a parking lot can all contribute significantly to a property's resale value. If your parking lot is unappealing, unsafe, and looks like it might spell legal issues for potential buyers, then they are unlikely to close on the deal. Parking lot maintenance, as it can lead to a much better resale value, is a highly worthwhile investment.


We have provided successful paving solutions and smooth driving surfaces to countless clients. If you'd like us to duplicate what we did for them for you with our quality parking lot paving in Vancouver, please speak to us.


Your Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Service

The best way to stop your parking lot from becoming an eyesore and a liability risk, and thereby from decreasing your property value, is to contact a commercial paving service as soon as you start to notice signs of trouble. The professionals at Curtis Paving have been providing asphalt repair and maintenance services for commercial and municipal properties for over 40 years, and we'd be more than happy to help you out.

If you're in need of parking lot repair or parking lot paving in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby, then don't hesitate to request a quote from Curtis Paving today.

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