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Pothole Repair in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby

Do you have potholes on your property or driveway? Curtis Paving offers pothole repairs in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby for both residential and commercial properties. It is better to take care of potholes and minor cracks as early as possible by patching them up. Potholes not only pose a potential danger to your vehicle but also can weaken your asphalt and its base. Potholes are a side effect of regular wear and tear, heavy rainfall, weather and more. This may force you to perform maintenance services to keep your driveway in working order.


Are there any potholes in your driveway? If so, Curtis Paving is here to repair any pothole before it causes damage to your vehicles. We offer maintenance plans that will help you keep your driveway in working condition for years to come. Ignoring potholes can cause damage to you and your vehicle, and require time-consuming and work-intensive replacement and resurfacing fixes. One of the most effective ways of stopping pothole problems is to prevent them in the first place. Potholes can be prevented before they can cause severe distress by using prevention treatments.


What Causes Potholes

Potholes are a type of asphalt pavement failure caused by the presence of water. Over time, and with exposure to the weather, water seeps into the soil structure under the surface and weakens the supporting soil. In addition to that, the regular passing of traffic over the area loosens the asphalt and the soil. Eventually, these twin forces - the presence of water and passing traffic- create a hole. If you fail to attend to these potholes, they grow larger in size and can cause damage to vehicle suspensions. In severe cases involving fast-moving vehicles, accidents can occur. The following factors cause potholes:

  • Regular wear and tear with age

  • Exposure to the weather

  • Traffic

  • Water

  • Lack of regular maintenance


Pothole Prevention

One of the most effective ways of stopping pothole problems is to prevent them in the first place. Potholes can be prevented before they can cause severe distress by using prevention treatments. Some of the prevention methods include:

  • Crack Infill
    Most of the potholes begin with a simple crack in your driveway. If the cracks are repaired at an early stage, the chances of potholes forming can significantly reduce. Crack infill method includes placing of specialized materials into the cracks to prevent water intrusion and underlying pavement layers. This can reduce potholes, and slow down pavement deterioration and crack spalling.


  • Water Drainage
    In order to prevent potholes, make sure as little water as possible gets below the driveway surface. This can be done through ensuring sufficient and suitable drainage systems surrounding the surface. 


Why Choose Us?

Curtis Paving is one of the reliable paving contractors in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. We provide a wide range of services including  salting and snow removal and commercial & driveway paving. For over 40 years, we have been serving the paving needs of residential, commercial and municipal clients. We perform asphalt paving services to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Whether you need our help in excavation or patching of driveways and parking lots, we can do it all. If you are looking for experienced and professional asphalt paving repair solutions in Burnaby, look no further than us.

Get in Touch

At Curtis Paving, our professionals are skilled and experienced to provide pothole repair in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to offering pothole repairs in a hassle-free and timely manner. Our staff works closely with you to understand your needs and budget. Browse our gallery to learn more about our past paving projects. If you have any questions on pothole repairs, we are here to answer them. Call us today or feel free to request a quote; we’ll be happy to help you.


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