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Reliable Commercial Paving Services in Vancouver

Make a good first impression with your customers by having a neatly kept exterior to your business. One way this can be done is with an asphalt drive or parking lot. Curtis Paving is a leader in commercial paving. Vancouver businesses can rely on us to work on commercial projects such as:

  • Strip malls

  • Offices

  • Shopping plazas

  • Pedestrian malls

  • School parking lots 

  • Commercial parking lots

  • And much more

Our services will provide a strong, durable and beautiful surface for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The level surfaces we leave behind will improve your company’s curb appeal and enhance your customers’ experiences by preventing injuries and mishaps on uneven parking surfaces.

Commercial Paving Services
Curtis Paving offers many commercial paving services in Vancouver so that your company or business is always ready to make a good first impression and provide a safe experience for your customers. Our commercial paving services include:


  • Asphalt speed bump installation

  • Crack filling and pothole repairs

  • Catch basin repairs for drainage

  • Asphalt removal and replacement 

  • Asphalt sealing and resurfacing


These services are designed to maintain your asphalt surface for years to come and provide a safe surface for clients and customers to drive, park and walk on. We also offer our paving services for commercial parking lots, driveways, and more.

Commercial Paving Process
When it comes to commercial paving, the proper application of asphalt is the determining factor of how long it will last and how durable it will be. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made while applying asphalt is not preparing the surface properly. Preparation should include removing the old asphalt, grading, compacting the soil and applying the crushed rock and subsoil. When these steps are not taken, your asphalt surface may be prone to cracking and damage prematurely.

To avoid premature deterioration, contact a paving company you can trust. With more than 36 years of experience, Curtis Paving has provided expert services to many commercial businesses. We are always sure to prepare the site as necessary before laying down the subgrade and base for the asphalt. Depending on the subgrade used, we may put down a layer of gravel in order to stabilize the surface.


Larger projects such as pedestrian mall parking lots take time, but when properly coordinated they can be completed quickly. Curtis Paving has the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to take on commercial parking lots and projects of any scale because we plan every step in advance and always stay on schedule.

Call us today to get an estimate on our commercial paving services in Vancouver. During your call you can schedule our services and get in-depth information about our processes. We are proud to serve many areas including North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.

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