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Professional Asphalt Driveway Repair in Vancouver

If your asphalt driveway is forming large cracks or potholes and becoming an unsafe surface, you need driveway repair. Vancouver residents can rely on the expert paving team at Curtis Paving for efficient repairs that will have your driveway looking like new again. We have over 36 years of experience in providing quality paving services to our residential, commercial and municipal clients.

Asphalt is a very durable material, but with time it begins to deteriorate. We can repair all types of cracks and potholes, levelling off your driveway so that it is safe to walk and drive on at all times. For expert repairs and friendly service, rely on the experienced team at Curtis Paving for your driveway repair in Vancouver.


Reasons for Driveway Repair in Vancouver

Most asphalt driveways will last 20 to 25 years, but several factors will contribute to your driveway deteriorating sooner than expected. These factors include:

  • Weather

  • Tree roots under the pavement

  • Heavy loads on your driveway

  • Poor drainage

  • Insufficient installation


If you notice cracks within the first few years after your driveway was paved, any of these factors might be contributing. To determine what the problem is and find the best way to fix it, you need a professional paving contractor to diagnose your driveway and provide the necessary repairs. These repairs will be helpful to you in many ways, because they can:

  • Help you save money by avoiding complete asphalt re-paving

  • Protect your asphalt from further damage

  • Fix large potholes and other damage

  • Extend the life of your asphalt

  • Reduce your driveway maintenance expenses

  • Improve the aesthetics of your driveways

  • Enhance the functionality and structural strength of your driveways


Types of Driveway Repair

Depending on the cause of your driveway’s damage and your budget, there are several ways to repair your asphalt. From quick asphalt patches to digging out damaged areas, our team will analyze the problem and provide you with the best repairs. If repairs are not made in a timely manner to cracks or potholes, water can reach the sublayer of your driveway and cause havoc on the surface during freeze/thaw cycles.

Asphalt crack repair – repairing cracks in your pavement is a very important step in maintaining your driveway. These repairs will prevent water intrusion and foreign materials from reaching the base and causing extensive damage. We recommend using crack filler to stop the damage.

Pothole repair potholes should be addressed early to prevent further deterioration of your driveway. When you call Curtis Paving for driveway repair in Vancouver, we will fix your pothole problem with a blacktop patch. This will permanently repair the pothole. This patch material cures quickly so you can park on your driveway immediately after the repairs.


Choosing the Best Paving Contractor

When looking for a company to provide you with driveway repair in Vancouver, always call more than one company to compare prices and customer service. You can rely on family and friends to provide you with recommendations, but ultimately you should pick a company you’re comfortable with. A company that provides free estimates, quality explanations of their services and courteous customer service on the phone is a great choice.

Curtis Paving has all of this and more with our nearly 40 years of service to the Vancouver area. If you’re looking for asphalt driveway repair in Vancouver, call us. You’ll see why we’ve been relied on for so many years when you talk to our friendly and helpful staff.

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