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Professional Asphalt Driveway Repair in Vancouver

If your asphalt driveway in Vancouver has big cracks or dangerous potholes, it's time for repairs. Count on the skilled team at Curtis Paving to fix it efficiently and make your driveway look new again. With over 36 years of experience, we're experts in providing top-notch paving services to residents, businesses, and municipalities.


Asphalt is tough, but over time it wears down. We can repair all kinds of driveway cracks and potholes, ensuring your driveway is safe to walk and drive on. For reliable repairs and friendly service, turn to the experienced professionals at Curtis Paving for your Vancouver driveway repair needs. Let us make your driveway safe and smooth once more!

Reasons for Driveway Repair in Vancouver


Asphalt driveways usually have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, but various factors can contribute to premature deterioration. Identifying and addressing these problems is crucial for the longevity and functionality of your driveway. Here are key factors contributing to driveway deterioration:


  • Weather: Vancouver's weather, including frequent rain and temperature variations, can impact the integrity of your asphalt driveway.

  • Tree roots: Growing tree roots under the pavement can exert pressure, leading to cracks and damage.

  • Heavy loads: Regular exposure to heavy vehicles or equipment on the driveway can accelerate wear and tear.

  • Poor drainage: Inadequate drainage contributes to water pooling, which can weaken the asphalt over time.

  • Insufficient installation: Driveways that weren't installed properly from the beginning are prone to early issues.


If you observe cracks within the initial years of paving, these factors may be at play. Consulting a professional paving contractor is essential for a thorough diagnosis and effective repairs. Addressing these issues through timely repairs provides several benefits:


  • Cost savings: Repairing specific areas is more cost-effective than complete asphalt repaving.

  • Prevention of further damage: Prompt repairs protect your asphalt from worsening conditions, ensuring longevity.

  • Fixing large potholes: Professional repairs address significant damage, including large potholes, restoring the driveway's integrity.

  • Life extension: Repairing damaged sections contributes to an overall extension of your driveway's life.

  • Reduced maintenance expenses: Regular repairs lessen the need for frequent and costly maintenance.

  • Improved aesthetics: Repairing cracks and damage enhances the visual appeal of your driveway.

  • Enhanced functionality: Structurally sound repairs improve the driveway's function and strength, ensuring a durable surface.


By addressing these issues, professional driveway repairs not only fix immediate concerns but also contribute to long-term cost savings, improved aesthetics, and the overall functionality of your asphalt driveway in Vancouver.

Types of Driveway Repair


Depending on the cause of your driveway’s damage and your budget, there are several ways to repair your asphalt. From quick asphalt patches to digging out damaged areas, our team will analyze the problem and provide you with the best repairs. If repairs are not made in a timely manner to cracks or potholes, water can reach the sublayer of your driveway and cause havoc on the surface during freeze/thaw cycles.


  • Asphalt crack repair: Repairing cracks in your pavement is a very important step in maintaining your driveway. These repairs will prevent water intrusion and foreign materials from reaching the base and causing extensive damage. We recommend using crack filler to stop the damage.

  • Pothole repair: Potholes should be addressed early to prevent further deterioration of your driveway. When you call Curtis Paving for driveway repair in Vancouver, we will fix your pothole problem with a blacktop patch. This will permanently repair the pothole. This patch material cures quickly, so you can park on your driveway immediately after the repairs.

Choosing the Best Paving Contractor


When looking for a company to provide you with driveway repair in Vancouver, always call more than one company to compare prices and customer service. You can rely on family and friends to provide you with recommendations, but ultimately you should pick a company you’re comfortable with. A company that provides free estimates, quality explanations of their services and courteous customer service on the phone is a great choice.


Curtis Paving has all of this and more with our nearly 40 years of service to the Vancouver area. If you’re looking for asphalt driveway repair in Vancouver, call us. You’ll see why we’ve been relied on for so many years when you talk to our friendly and helpful staff.

Renew Your Driveway with Curtis Paving!

Is your asphalt driveway showing signs of wear and tear? Don't let cracks and potholes compromise its safety and appearance. Reach out to Curtis Paving, Vancouver's trusted expert with over 36 years of paving excellence. Our skilled team ensures efficient repairs, bringing your driveway back to life. For reliable service, cost savings, and lasting results, call us today for a free estimate. Let Curtis Paving make your driveway safe, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing once again!

 Transform our Driveway Today!

Don't let cracks and potholes diminish your driveway's appeal. Contact us for a free estimate and experience reliable service with nearly four decades of expertise.

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