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How Paving Your Parking Lot Will Improve the Property Value

Parking lot paving

The parking lot leads people to your home, and so you should want it to be attractive, welcoming and free of asphalt defects. Paving it will increase the curb value of your property. Nobody likes an untidy front garden or shabby concrete surfaces. Unpaved parking spaces become very messy in wet weather conditions. Your vehicle can get stuck in the mud and also leave dirty tire treads in the yard. Moreover, you can clearly mark the designated spaces for emergency or other kinds of access on a paved surface. Curtis Paving’s asphalt driveway services include installation and repair for customers in and around Vancouver.

Four Ways Asphalt Paving Will Increase Your Property’s Worth

A driveway in a poor condition will set the tone for the whole property. The home-buyer may develop a negative impression of your property and wonder what else is neglected. Instead, delight your prospective buyers and tenants with a smooth asphalt paving.

There are several other reasons why you should consider going for it:


1.  Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Asphalt is one of the cheapest and most durable options for parking lot paving. Quick to install, it is less susceptible to cracking and needs minimum maintenance. It adapts to freeze-and-thaw cycle, resulting in fewer cracks compared to concrete. The black surface absorbs more heat, boosting the melting of snow. So, you will find fewer puddles of water on the surface, making it more secure for the vehicles. On average, paved parking can increase property value anywhere between five and 10 per cent.


2. Enjoy Additional Parking Space with the Driveway

You can benefit from both a driveway and a parking lot, especially if you live on a crowded street. Residential parking fees can be costly – off-street parking space for more than one vehicle might just seal the deal for you with the buyer.


3. Receive A Valuable Return on Your Investment

Even if you are not selling your property, you can prioritize investing in asphalt paving for your parking lot. Your family can enjoy the practicality and benefits of it and also the future homeowners down the line. A well-maintained asphalt paving can last up to 30 years. No matter how you maintain the interiors, the outsides should also greet your potential buyers.


4. Spend Less in Paving Repairs

Asphalt paving offers more inexpensive repair options than concrete. You can consult a paving contractor to identify the flawed areas and the type of repair it needs. Whenever water seeps into the base from the surface, it weakens the structure. Gradually, it results in deterioration. So, the sooner you repair the parking lot paving, the less it will cost in the long run. Here are a few steps you can undertake to repair and maintain your asphalt paving:


  • You can repair cracks or potholes easily through hot and cold patching. Cold patch refers to pouring asphalt into the crack opening, while hot patching includes pouring the mixture after excavating the damaged area.

  • When the problems exist at multiple places, you can resurface them. It will involve removing the top layer of that area and replacing it with a new coat.

  • It is only after 20 to 25 years that asphalt paving needs a complete replacement. For symptoms, you can look out for cracks resembling an alligator’s skin. It will be necessary to redo the complete foundation again followed by surfacing. Read more about it in our other blog on when to completely repave your parking lot.

  • Seal-coating is a quick way to increase the lifespan of the pavement by reducing surface degradation. It prevents the harmful effects of water, UV rays and fuel spills.

  • Clean all dirt and debris regularly to get the most life of your asphalt driveways.


Asphalt parking lot paving will get your property noticed in a good way by your visitors and potential buyers. Feel free to contact Curtis Paving to request a quote for constructing pathways for your residential or commercial projects.


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