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The Importance of Paving Contractors

asphalt road construction

To a layperson, paving seems like a simple job that anyone can do. Anyone can indeed patch up a crack in their driveway or install the pavement in their backyard. However, the job will be nowhere near the quality of work done by paving contractors. This aspect is especially true for asphalt paving, which is the popular choice for constructing roads. The roads we drive on are a product of technology and innovation, and paving contractors are at the forefront of its implementation.

At Curtis Paving, we take pride in our work. In this blog, you will learn a little bit about what we know about our trade. Here are a few points that show why paving contractors are essential:

We help reduce financial loss

The Canadian Government repairs about 200,000 potholes annually. By the time they get to repair all the potholes, Canadian citizens would have collectively paid upwards of a billion dollars for pothole-related automobile damage repairs. If you think these numbers are too high, you may try to imagine the extent of a financial loss if there were no paving contractors to repair potholes. Please read our blog to learn more about pothole-related damages to cars.

We build high-quality roads

Paving contractors come up with more durable custom mixes. Our years of experience grant us the ability to precisely determine what sort of combination we should use for a specific project to achieve maximum quality. We can incorporate road-building techniques that ensure the best results. Our specialization is necessary to build roads that will last longer without the need for repairs.

We make roads safer

A road that is in disrepair can cause accidents, especially during winters, when there are snow and ice on the streets. Every year, during spring, paving contractors across the country are hired by the government to repair potholes. We work relentlessly for weeks to ensure that there are no more potholes by the end of the season. Our extensive experience and specialized skills enable us to quickly and effectively repair roads.


Even when you have to install a new pavement or make repairs in your driveway, hiring a paving contractor will make a massive difference in the quality of work. Paving contractors not only install and maintain the roads they also provide custom paving services for recreational facilities, parking lots and landscaping projects. Our services are equally essential to commercial and residential places.

Curtis Paving has been providing paving services in Vancouver for over 30 years. We have served residential, commercial, and municipal customers with asphalt paving, snow removal and asphalt repair services.

Contact us today for a quote on your asphalt paving project.


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