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Practical Tips on Maintaining Your Asphalt Pavement

maintaining asphalt paving

It takes between five and 30 seconds to create a first impression. Your business's parking lot is likely one of the first thing newcomers see. Is their first impression the feeling of stress from dodging potholes and pavement cracks?

What about your employees? Do they begin and end their workday worrying about car damage from the craters in the company lot?

Asphalt pavement is a great way to keep your parking lot in good condition. Here are a few upkeep tips to make sure your asphalt parking lot is in great shape.


Don't Let Cracks and Potholes Sit

Even perfectly laid asphalt surfaces will crack over time. Cracks are caused by changing weather conditions over time. Pavement damage can also be caused by errors during the installation process.

If you've noticed cracks or potholes in your parking lot, call the pros at Curtis Pavement as soon as possible. Ignored cracks and potholes will expand. Waiting too long to fix them will result in more extensive (and expensive) repairs.

Clean Stains ASAP

Oil products can break down asphalt material. Regular pavement cleaning is a great way to wash away vehicle oil stains.

First, soak up excess oil with non-clump kitty litter. Next, rinse the area using a hose and water. Wash the area with an environmentally-friendly cleaner, water and vinegar, or dish soap.

Scrub the cleaner using a short bristled brush or broom. Rinse away when finished.

Diesel can break down the asphalt pavement and should be cleaned immediately. This type of pavement maintenance is important to protect your parking lot from further damage.

New Lines Look Sharp

Brightly coloured parking lines polish off the look of a freshly coated asphalt parking lot! Defined parking lines will also help prevent accidents.

Employees and visitors can clearly see where to park. Clear lines decrease door-dings and other damage caused by cars parking too close in the lot.

Use the Right Equipment

When clearing snow and ice from your parking lot pavement, make sure you're using the right equipment! The wrong kind of snow removal machinery can cause serious damage to your pavement. The professionals at Curtis Paving use the snow removal methods that protect asphalt pavement.

Protect Your Investment

As a business owner, you want to protect your investments. Hire professionals to inspect and service your asphalt pavement.

The pavement professionals at Curtis Paving have over 40 years of experience in paving installation and maintenance. We know how to help you protect your asphalt pavement investment.

Contact Curtis Paving today for installation, maintenance, and snow removal. Give us a call at 604-922-2314 or request a quote. We'd love to provide you with some of the best paving services in North & West Vancouver, Vancouver, and Burnaby.


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