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At Curtis Paving, we would like to share with our clients some helpful points and tips regarding asphalt paving. Be sure to keep our blog page bookmarked so that you can refer back when needed. If you are looking for an experienced asphalt pavement contractor, we are the right choice for you. Asphalt paving will increase your property’s durability. Asphalt pavement is utilized in various applications because of its durability and strength. Curtis Paving offers asphalt paving services for residential, commercial and municipal properties in Burnaby, Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Our team completes your job on time and within your budget. We use state-of-the-art equipment and quality material to offer asphalt pavement services.

We offer paving services to clients in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Whether it is for residential or commercial properties, a smooth asphalt pavement has its impact upon the overall appeal of the property. We also install and replace a wide range of asphalt structures, such as driveways, parking lots, curbs and more. You will get know more about these services as blogs will be up for these topics too. Stay tuned!

  • pothole repair
    12/12/2019 0 Comments
    How to Repair Potholes in Winter?

    Potholes are depressions in the road surface (particularly asphalt roads), caused by moisture in the underlying soil and traffic passing over the affected area. Water weakens the underlying soil and when traffic passes through the affected area, the asphalt surface breaks and cracks. The continuous movement of traffic results in the ejection of both asphalt and the underlying soil material, creating a hole in the pavement. 

    Pothole impact can dislodge your vehicle’s wheel weights, damage tires or break suspension components. They can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents. Therefore, it is essential to carry out regular inspections and fix potholes immediately to ensure your road is in good condition.

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  • Parking lot paving
    05/09/2019 0 Comments
    How Paving Your Parking Lot Will Improve the Property Value

    The parking lot leads people to your home, and so you should want it to be attractive, welcoming and free of asphalt defects. Paving it will increase the curb value of your property. Nobody likes an untidy front garden or shabby concrete surfaces. Unpaved parking spaces become very messy in wet weather conditions. Your vehicle can get stuck in the mud and also leave dirty tire treads in the yard. Moreover, you can clearly mark the designated spaces for emergency or other kinds of access on a paved surface. Curtis Paving’s asphalt driveway services include installation and repair for customers in and around Vancouver.

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  • pothole repair
    05/09/2019 0 Comments
    Potholes Dangers: Types of Damages They Cause to Your Car

    Pothole repair is not something to be overlooked if you want to keep your vehicle from harm. No matter how small and insignificant they may look, potholes are potentially dangerous to drive over. From expensive damages to life-threatening incidents, there is a lot that can happen when you ignore them.

    A survey conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association in April 2016 found that Canadians paid $1.4 billion each year in pothole damages. The poll also showed over 50 per cent of all drivers claimed to have experienced vehicle damage while 32 per cent reported paying $250 to $500 on such damages in the last five years.

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  • Driveway repair
    05/09/2019 0 Comments
    ​Asphalt Patches – When Spot Treatment is Right for Your Driveway

    Asphalt offers strong and durable driveways to homeowners. It has a measure of flexibility to resist freeze-thaw patterns rather than breaking or cracking. Uneven settling or a vehicle left on the driveway for a long period of time, however, can lead to low spots. It also happens when the underlying dirt used contained decomposing debris. Regardless of the reason for sinking, without proper maintenance, your asphalt driveway won’t last the 20 to 30 years it should. This is where the importance of driveway repair comes in.

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  • Parking Lot
    06/03/2019 0 Comments
    Repair or Repave: When to Completely Repave Your Parking Lot

    When your parking lot starts to fill up with cracks and potholes, you’re faced with a choice: repair or repave. Curtis Paving provides both these services, and with our over 35 years of experience we can help you determine which option is best for you. The principal factors to consider are appearance and cost. Here’s what you should know.

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